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Looking for the top tutoring service in Los Angeles? Teachers Who Tutor offers the best private tutors in the area.  Our expert teachers have master’s degrees and design customized support to meet our students’ individual needs. Your child will have optimal support with our team of academic tutors who are professionals in helping students grades K-12 gain skills and confidence both in and out of the classroom. From math and English support to executive functioning help and test preparation, our extensive network of outstanding educators will collaborate with your child and your child’s school to ensure their success.

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What Sets Teachers Who Tutor Apart?

Teachers Who Tutor is the only Los Angeles tutoring services company composed entirely of professional educators with master’s degrees who teach at the best independent, public and charter schools in Los Angeles.  The team at Teachers Who Tutor has extensive experience with the demands of a rigorous curriculum and understands the importance of collaboration with parents and classroom teachers. Our tutors will share your child’s weekly progress so that you are always apprised of their work. We believe in the importance of tailoring lessons to each child’s specific learning style and evaluate both strengths and challenges so that they strengthen their skills and succeed.

Customized Tutoring Services

Our tutors and test-prep specialists are dedicated to helping bolster your children’s skills so that they have the confidence to work independently. As teachers with master’s degrees, our experienced private tutors understand how to best assist with homework assignments and assessment, as well as long-term results. The team at Teachers Who Tutor will work with you to design a program to help your child gain study skills and executive function strategies. Parents will have access to these highly individualized tutoring services:

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Individualized Plan for Your Child

The team at TWT LA helps children improve subject-based academic skills and build study habits.

Our Los Angeles tutoring service is the only tutoring company in LA that uses an individualized approach to support every student from K-12 with a comprehensive academic plan. As teachers with master’s degrees, our tutors are experts in how to help every learner understand how to approach and master academic challenges. The benchmarks we establish are ambitious, but within reach for each child. Whether a student is struggling with reading comprehension or Algebra, our tutors leverage every student’s strengths to help them tackle challenges and learn how to become autonomous and confident learners. We believe in inspiring students to do their best.

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Weekly Progress Reports for Parents

Our TWT LA tutors share feedback about your child’s private tutoring sessions and establish upcoming learning goals.

Because we understand the importance of keeping parents apprised of their children’s progress, our tutors share reports weekly or after every tutoring session. Our aim is to provide helpful feedback about your child’s work with our expert tutors. These reports will address both strengths and challenges of your child’s so that you are always updated on their work. When helpful, we will also recommend materials to help students gain mastery of the material, or enrichment to extend their learning. We believe that students learn best when they understand both why and how their work connects to concepts beyond the walls of the classroom.

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Partnership with LA Classroom Teachers

Our top LA tutors collaborate with your child’s classroom teachers to create customized lessons.

At TWT | LA, our team often works with your child’s classroom teachers as we are committed to providing the best tutoring LA has to offer. This partnership ensures that your child can target the skills they are learning in the classroom. We then ensure not only that your child understands the current material, but also that we preview upcoming concepts when helpful so that they have additional exposure to the material. To help our students succeed in the classroom, we teach them the importance of organization and prioritization. Students who thrive have been taught both the content to multiple subject areas and executive function skills that will help them for years to come.

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Access to the
Best Teachers in LA

We are LA’s most elite education professionals who have taught and tutored in schools across the city.

The TWT | LA tutors utilize their extensive classroom work and collaborate to offer tutoring and test-prep services that are unparalleled. There are no other LA tutoring companies that are composed exclusively of educators. Our vast range of expertise – from supporting students with emerging literacy to AP Chemistry– means that your child will learn from the very best. With an emphasis on repetition of skills and planning in advance, our LA tutors will help your child gain skills across subjects. We encourage all of our students to ask questions so that they not only memorize a process or approach, but understand how and why it makes sense.

Looking for a Top Tutor in LA?

A Sampling of Los Angeles Schools Our Students Attend

Our team of teachers works with students who attend schools across Los Angeles.  Among the schools in LA, we work with Pilgrim School, Marymount High School, Loyola High School, Marlborough School, Archer School for Girls, Chadwick School, Harvard-Westlake School, Crossroads School, Windward School, Beverly Hills High School, Brentwood, Campbell HallPluralistic School One, Westridge, Sierra Canyon, Sage Hill School, Calthorp, Buckley and many more.


Teachers Who Tutor has literally saved my daughter’s high school life!  We’ve worked with THE BEST writing and test-prep tutors!  As they know, I’m constantly telling everyone about this business.  Thank you!

Cindy broke down chemistry in a way I didn’t know possible. From the first session, my daughter’s face was glowing. She finally understood the material!

From the moment I spoke with Abby, I knew I’d found my educational guru.  My son B____ was so overwhelmed during the pandemic, and Abby helped break down next steps for us as a family and set us up with the kindest executive function coach.

I actually reached out to Teachers Who Tutor after reading the founders’ book about how homework can be less stressful.  Victoria took the time to listen, discuss options, and help my second grader.  I thought we’d need two different teachers, one for reading and one for math, but Sara was a godsend.  She helped us with both ELA and math, and we no longer need tutoring.  I can’t thank TWT enough.

We didn’t like the larger test prep companies that saw my grandson as just a number.  A friend recommended David at Teachers Who Tutor, and my grandson’s scores went up more than 200 points.  More than that, David taught him test-taking skills that he still uses in college.

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