Overview of Los Angeles Tutoring Services

Looking for the Best Tutors Los Angeles Has to Offer?

Teachers Who Tutor | LA is an elite Los Angeles tutoring service composed of experienced teachers who hold master’s degrees. Our tutors offer private tutoring to assist students across ages and subjects.  Among our services are academic remediation and enrichment in English, math, science and foreign languages, as well as instruction for executive function and test preparation. No matter your child’s need, our private tutors are here to help. Tutoring sessions take place either at home, school, or online.

Unparalleled Academic Support

The team of tutors at Teachers Who Tutor | LA  are highly experienced educators with graduate school degrees. Moreover, our teachers have shown an extraordinary ability to help children across ages by developing a strong rapport. Every student is supported by a tutor who is well versed in the challenges of a demanding curriculum. We are committed to collaborating with classroom teachers and parents to ensure each child is successful.

Premier Los Angeles Tutoring Services

Families who work with our team at Teachers Who Tutor | LA receive:

  1. An individualized plan of academic goals designed to support your child’s precise academic goals. We work with parents to target both challenging areas as well as strengths before finding the best tutor to work with each student. Our tutors customize lesson plans according to each child’s learning style, encouraging students to become engaged, inquisitive, and independent.
  2. Weekly progress reports.  Every week, your child will receive a progress update on the work covered in a session. You’ll be apprised of the content covered, as well as areas they have mastered, potential difficulties they had with the content, and goals to focus on moving forward. This is one example of a progress report you will receive for your child.
  3. Partnership with parents and teachers. As teachers and tutors, we believe that students do their best work when tutors, classroom teachers, and parents consistently collaborate to support them. At Teachers Who Tutor | LA, our tutors are in regular touch with all members of the child’s support team, prioritizing the alignment of learning goals with the student’s specific curriculum.
  4. An opportunity to work with extraordinary LA tutors who teach LA’s most competitive schools. All of our tutors hold a master’s degree and have the experience of teaching students for many years. Our teachers work with students across learning profiles, ensuring that we customize learning plans to hone in on how to best support each student. The team at Teachers Who Tutor | LA  is composed of expert tutors who are bright, kind, and devoted to ensuring that each one of their students is successful.

Generous Compensation for Tutors

Every tutor at Teachers Who Tutor | LA receives a higher percentage of charges than tutors at other tutoring organizations in Los Angeles. When we hire tutors, each teacher is extensively interviewed, teaches sample lessons, and undergoes a reference and background check. Only the teachers whose expertise and dedication fit our standards are chosen to work with students in Los Angeles who need academic support.

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Teachers Who Tutor | LA Directors

Abby Freireich and Brian Platzer

TWT | NYC & LA Co-Founding Directors, Teachers & Tutors

Directors Abby Freireich and Brian Platzer founded Teachers Who Tutor over a decade ago in New York City, where it was the sole tutoring service composed of expert classroom teachers paired with students from kindergarten through senior year. Our services are wide-ranging to ensure that every learner’s needs are accommodated, whether through remedial academic support or for enrichment in all subjects: English, history, math, science, foreign languages, and much more. We also specialize in tutoring services including executive functioning support and test preparation sessions for every type of standardized test from the ISEE, SHSAT and SSAT, to AP tests,  to the SAT and ACT. At Teachers Who Tutor LA, we are committed to the idea that all children can attain success as autonomous learners when they understand the basic skills to help them in school and beyond. If your child has support of our team of tutors, their sessions will be highly individualized.  

After decades of teaching, Abby and Brian believe that all children and parents benefit from tutoring support that is open and collaborative. Their years of experience as teachers, tutors, parents, master’s degree recipients, and Taking the Stress Out of Homework authors, have all shaped Teachers Who Tutor. Their renown book instructs parents how to help their children help themselves with homework. Taking the Stress Out of Homework has received rave reviews from teachers, students and parents. Jenna Bush Hager hailed the book with this praise,“As a mother of three, this book’s practical road map for helping our kids learn independently is invaluable. This should be a must-read for all parents.” Abby and Brian explain the concrete steps for students to strengthen their academic and executive function work as well as bolster their confidence.

As part of their commitment to supporting students and families, Abby and Brian have also written for The Atlantic as education columnists. In addition, their articles and interviews have appeared in outlets ranging from The New York Times and Good Morning America, to NPR, CNN, CBS, and the CBC, among many other education-focused blogs and publications.

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Benjie Messinger-Barnes

Director, Tutor – Teachers Who Tutor LA

Benjie has been tutoring with Teachers Who Tutor since 2013, when he was a middle and high school math teacher at the Friends Seminary school in New York City.  Benjie now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and his mini goldendoodle, Kobe.  Benjie has a Mathematics and Economics degree from Wesleyan University and a Master’s in Mathematics Education, and he has been a math teacher, math department chair, director of online learning during the 2020-2021 school year, and now serves as the director of education technology at his school.

After 10 years of tutoring with Teachers Who Tutor NYC, Benjie is now director of Teachers Who Tutor | LA , LA’s only tutoring organization that pairs K-12 students with experienced classroom teachers. Teachers Who Tutor | LA  offers a wide range of academic support services, including academic enrichment and remediation support for students who need help reaching their potential. Other services include executive functioning coaching and test preparation for all standardized tests, including those for college admission. Teachers Who Tutor | LA  functions on the principle that children can succeed as independent learners when they are equipped with practical skills that will aid them both inside and outside of the classroom.  Contact Teachers Who Tutor | LA  for more information.

In his free time, Benjie loves snowboarding, running, golf, playing pickleball, hiking (see photo) and anything else that will keep him outdoors and active!