"This should be a must read for all parents."

--Jenna Bush Hager, Co-Host, The Today Show

Taking the Stress Out of Homework

Organizational, content-specific, and test-prep strategies to help your children help themselves

By Abby Freireich and Brian Platzer

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About Taking the Stress out of Homework

Drawing on extensive experience as classroom teachers and the directors of their highly regarded tutoring business, Abby and Brian address a range of common frustrations caused by homework. They answer the most pressing questions on every parent’s mind: How much should I get involved, what does constructive help look like, and how can I help my child work independently?

Taking the Stress out of Homework breaks down for parents exactly when and how to offer homework support. Whether your child’s stress point is executive functioning–the ability to plan or organize–or a subject-specific struggle in math, reading, writing, or standardized test-preparation, Abby and Brian use real-life stories to provide individualized, actionable advice.

At the center of Abby and Brian’s philosophy is encouraging students to break free of the “let’s get to the answer already so that we can be done with the assignment” mindset; they focus instead on a process-oriented approach that fosters engagement and self-sufficiency both in and out of school.

Filled with expert tips about how to build executive functioning and content skills, Abby and Brian share stress-reducing best practices so homework not only supports what kids are learning, but also helps build confidence and skills that last a lifetime.


Paperback | $17.00
Published by Avery
Mar 02, 2021 | 304 Pages | 6 x 9 | ISBN 9780593190326

Advance Praise

As a mother of three, this book’s practical road map for helping our kids learn independently is invaluable. This should be a must-read for all parents.

I am so relieved that Taking the Stress out of Homework exists as my kids are on the cusp of elementary school. This book, with its real strategies and reassuring tips, is truly a public service for parents.

Parents looking for practical advice about how to be good partners with teachers and support their children could use a helpful resource like Taking the Stress Out of Homework. This practical guide provides common sense strategies to help students do their work and build skills that will support long-term success.

True to its title, this book offers parents a ton of helpful advice for navigating their children’s homework challenges. Brian and Abby come across as calming and reassuring veteran teachers who have seen it all and can point stressed parents in the right direction.

Taking the Stress Out of Homework is a masterpiece—chock-full of simple, easy-to-implement ideas that will enable you to help your child whatever your own background or skill levels. Parents and caregivers everywhere will fall in love with this brilliant guide—I know I have!

Homework is supposed to exist for children to learn, so why all the family tension and battles surrounding it? Freireich and Platzer have seen it all when it comes to homework battles — from procrastination and falling grades to disorganization and high distraction around homework — and they bring straightforward, compassionate solutions right into your home. In many ways, this book is a dream come true for parents and children alike.

This is the parenting manual I’ve been waiting for. As any concerned, engaged, well-intentioned parent knows, helping kids manage the stress of tests or homework can be rife with conflict. This book has specific, actionable strategies to help both you and your kids be effective, successful and happy. Isn’t that what we all strive for?! This should be required reading for every parent, distributed through the school system, and treated as an educational bible. I am beyond grateful to have this secret weapon in my arsenal.

I was blown away by the breadth, depth and quality of the learning strategies in Taking the Stress out of Homework. If it were up to me, every parent would be given a copy of this book on the first day of school.

I’ve made it my life’s work to find the best academic and educational advice from around the world, and parents across China, Japan, France, England, and, especially, the United States desperately need this book. Taking the Stress Out of Homework is indispensable.

As an educator for almost 20 years, I can tell you the top question asked by parents is always regarding homework and how to help with it (and how much help, exactly). This book is, quite simply, a godsend for parents, but for teachers, too. It lays out exactly how adults can assist kids in organizing their assignments and tasks and is packed full of ideas that adults can actually use. For teachers, this book provides answers to those tricky homework questions. I see smiles and sighs of relief in our futures!

Taking the Stress Out of Homework is an essential resource for all parents. Sharing their expertise in teaching and tutoring, Freireich and Platzer provide families with techniques that build on children’s individual strengths to reduce stress and increase success with homework. Taking the Stress Out of Homework demystifies how parents can support their children in developing a healthy, independent approach to learning.