How and when should my child start test-prep?

Tutoring for Test Prep: A Proven Method to Help Boost Test Scores

Are you or your child worried about a standardized test? You’re not alone. Our test specialists are here to help with preparation for ISEE, SSAT, ACT, SAT, as well as Advanced Placement (AP) tests. We will ensure that your child has the necessary test-taking skills and the most effective strategies to be successful. Signing your child up to get the support of a test-prep tutor will instill in them the content-based knowledge, and in turn, the confidence that they will do well on the test. By signing up for individual sessions with our expert test-preparation specialists, you will both help your child gain mastery of the material and boost their test scores.

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Why Sign Up for Test-Prep Tutoring?

Our expert team of tutors is committed to helping every child strategize and create an individualized plan that takes in account the areas in which your child has struggled and excelled as well as their learning style. Our methods will help your child boost their score on standardized tests including the SSAT, ISEE, ACT and SAT as well as AP and NYC Regents Exams. Moreover, students working with our team of test-prep experts will learn test-taking skills that they will apply in college and beyond. Our goal is to teach students the ins and outs of each test, and more importantly, the confidence and independence for academic success in and out of the classroom.

How to Tackle the Challenges of Standardized Tests

Our test-prep tutors have years of experience working with students, ensuring that they learn the strategies needed to be successful when taking standardized tests. Learning to manage time is an essential skill to master among others. At Teachers Who Tutor | LA, our test-prep tutors will ensure that your child can manage challenging problems and come up with strategies when they’re working under the pressure of a timed test. As a result, your child will gain confidence and learn to apply these time-management skills outside the test itself.

How Will Your Test-Prep Tutors Help My Child?

The Teachers Who Tutor|LA test-prep tutors specialize in:

  1. A dynamic approach. Most students are understandably apprehensive at best when it comes to test-prep. You’ve come to the right place. Our test-prep specialists are professional educators with extensive experience working with students to help set them up for success on tests.
  2. Using the most effective test-prep materials. At Teachers Who Tutor | LA, our tutors are experts who come equipped to support your child with the very best resources.  By working with our team of tutors, you will use a range of materials and resources targeted to boost their scores.
  3. Consistent parent updates. Every week, you will receive helpful feedback about your child’s progress, as well as concrete follow-up steps and action items to help them practice and master skills.
  4. Support in boosting confidence and alleviating potential test-prep anxiety. In all likelihood, your child cringes when hearing anything about the test-taking process. While standardized tests can seem daunting, our team of experts has helped coach countless students to success. They teach the best strategies for breaking down challenging questions, top tips for time management, and content-specific academic support to help reduce stress when it comes to test time.
  5. The team at Teachers Who Tutor | LA, has helped students improve their scores in countless tests, including:
  • SSAT
  • ISEE
  • ACT
  • SAT
  • SAT II (In every subject area including math and science)
  • AP Exams (across subjects including foreign languages and history)
  • We also specialize in college-preparation and offer support writing essays for High School and College Applications

For the #1 LA Test Prep Tutors, contact Teachers Who Tutor LA

Our test prep specialists have extensive experience working with countless top independent, charter, and public schools across LA. Our tutors hold advanced degrees and have coached students to success for years. Reach out to us here to get started.

Get to Know Our Test Prep Tutors

Brian Sumali, Test-Prep Specialist

Brian has been tutoring the SAT for 5 years in one-on-one settings, both in Jakarta, where he is from, and LA, where he is currently residing. He completed his undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley, where he studied Business Administration and Economics. At UC Berkeley, Brian has taught discussion sections and student-led lectures, and he currently works at a management consulting firm. His diverse experiences have allowed him to differentiate and meet the needs of different types of learners. Brian believes that with the right approach, the SAT is not THAT intimidating. Brian believes in fostering critical thinking skills and building up a student’s confidence to take on the test head-on over rote memorization. In his spare time, Brian enjoys running long distance races (including marathons), cooking, as well as watching comedies.

Chando Yun, Test-Prep Specialist

Chando has over seven years of tutoring experience in two of the most academically vigorous cities in the United States – New York City and Los Angeles. In this time, he has routinely delivered results of 250+ point increase on the SAT and 6+ point increase on the ACT. While he started out primarily as a college admissions exam expert, Chando has gone on to help students achieve success on all major secondary school exams (ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, HUNTER EXAM, SCAT, etc). He has a great track record of getting students into Hunter College High school, as well as some of the top specialized high schools in NYC, including Stuyvesant and the Bronx Science.  Chando received his bachelor’s degree in music from Williams College and master’s degree in music composition from New York University. Outside of tutoring, he works as a freelance music producer/songwriter. He recently relocated from Seattle to Los Angeles to open a music studio.

Dean L., Test-Prep Specialist

Dean started tutoring for which he was still in high school, helping his peers as part of the National Honor Society.  He then moved to New York City to attend Columbia University, where he majored in English. In Los Angeles, he remains an active member of the Columbia alumni community, and he is often asked to speak on behalf of the college at local schools. Dean has been tutoring and editing college essays professionally since 2010, and also has experience as a college essay editor.  Dean likes to make learning personable and fun while helping his students perform their absolute best on the SAT and ACT.  In his spare time, he likes to work out, watch tennis, and cheer on the Dodgers.

Divya Sharma, Test-Prep Specialist

Divya “Div” Sharma is a graduate from UCLA B.A. and Columbia University M.A. – he specializes in Mathematics, Economics, Science, English, and History. For the past 10+ years he has tutored K-12 students in Test Pre, Chemistry, and Math.  His professional experiences afforded him the ability to lead teams, instruct courses, forecast budgets, and draft policy recommendations. 

Divya’s passion for educational access is galvanized through my personal and professional pursuits. Instructing University courses on Academic Success and Social Studies, supporting student study habits for standardized tests, and tutoring K-12 students for the past 10+ years.

Divya has traveled to over 15 countries, he practices and teaches yoga internationally in English, Hindi, and Spanish, he’s an avid knitter, and he enjoys surfing and chess.

Evan Cohen

Evan Cohen, Test-Prep Specialist

Evan has been teaching and tutoring students since 2002. He has a Master’s Degree in Special Education, specializing in learning disabilities, from Grand Canyon University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Economics from the University of California at Berkeley. He is passionate about education and the power that learning can have to transform and improve one’s life. Learning happens at an optimal level when we are having fun and are engaged in the lessons. All his lessons incorporate positive reinforcement and encouragement to create a safe place for his students to focus on the material. He has helped numerous students improve their grades and achieve high scores in their math and English classes as well as several standardized tests, including the ERB, ISEE, SSAT, HSPT, ACT, and SAT exams.

Additionally, he has received training for helping students with learning challenges. He specializes in students with ADD/ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, and Executive Functioning Deficits. He enjoys the challenge of assessing his students’ present levels of performance, creating customized learning plans, and then challenging his students to excel.


Nalini Sharma

Nalini has taught students in the most prestigious schools in the Los Angeles area for over 10+ years. Her areas of expertise are the ISEE, ACT, SAT, all levels of Biology, Math up to Algebra 2 and Literature. Her teaching career began as a Teaching Assistant in Advanced Biology courses at Emory University. Nalini has worked with students of all ages K-12 and at various levels of the learning curve. From Autism Centers to Highly Competitive Test Prep schools, Nalini is excellent at zoning in on the specific learning process of her student, developing their weaknesses and strengths, achieving goals, and creating passion and confidence along the way. Nalini holds a Bachelors of Science degree from the prestigious Emory University and has contributed to several virology papers for the Center for Disease Control and Neuroscience labs. 

Ryan Y.

Ryan is a graduate of MIT, after which he has experience teaching high school math, physics, chemistry, biology, computer programming, statistics and economics.  He has also spent the past 10+ years helping students master the SAT and ACT.  Ryan has helped all kinds of students through his experience teaching at Institutes for the Gifted and Talented and working at-risk and struggling youth.  In his free time, Ryan enjoys practicing meditation and exercising.