Best History Tutor in Los Angeles

Both in school and out, the study of history is pivotal to our understanding of the world.

Our history tutors are the best history teachers in Los Angeles. They have years of experience in the classroom at some of LA’s best schools; but more than that, they have dedicated their lives to the study of peoples and cultures from across the world.

Great History Teachers Make Great History Tutors

When it comes to history class, teachers often expect excellence in both comprehending the forces that have shaped society, and analyzing those forces in projects and writing.  Our history tutors are subject experts, so if your child needs to better understand ancient Chinese history, World War II, or the American Revolution, our tutors excel in breaking down the people, causes and effects.  Additionally, our history teachers weave executive functioning skills into history study, so students benefit across subjects.

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What topics do our history teachers tutor?

We offer expertise across time and geographic location, make sure to support your child in the following classes:

  • Asian History
  • Europe between and including World War I and World War II
  • Greek and Roman History
  • Early Mesopotamian Societies and Culture
  • Native American History
  • American History
  • Colonialism
  • And many, many more

AP Classes and Standardized Tests

Regardless of what AP class your child is taking, we have teachers who are experts in the subject matter, have taught AP classes, and love nothing more than preparing students for AP history tests.

History Study Skills

In addition to comprehending the material and writing history essays, tests and quizzes are a large part of most students’ experiences in history class.

We like to approach the retention of information in as many different ways as possible, introducing students to a variety of methods and working with them to see what brings them the most success. To this end, we discuss learning patterns whereby a student students the first chunk of material on day one, the second on day two, and then returns to part one before continuing on to part three, returning then to parts one and two. We provide skills to create and retain narratives. We offer a variety of graphs, organization methods, charts, and techniques with flash cards and websites. Our goal is to make sure your child is confident in all aspects of history curriculum and assessment.

History Essay Writing

The next most important skill in history class is writing essays and paragraphs about historical events and trends. This process is not merely a regurgitation of facts. Instead, it means finding the right historical evidence–both primary and secondary sources–and matching them to a strong thesis. Our history tutors are brilliant writing instructors who demystify the process of starting with a blank page and learning the skills of annotation, graphic organizers, brainstorming, thesis generation, outlining, and eventually writing introductory, body, and conclusion paragraphs. We teach editing and revising, model best approach, and make sure students build the skills necessary to thrive without support.

Meet Our History Teachers

Roberto Cabrera

For the past four years, Roberto Cabrera has taught Middle School Humanities at Kipp Sol and AP World History/ AP US History at Loyola High School in Los Angeles. Having taught his first year during Covid, Roberto has structured his class and instructional method to help students learn virtually and inside the classroom. Roberto has B.A. in History from Georgetown University, where he was the Chair of the Peer Mentorship Program and coordinator/tutor for students from disadvantaged backgrounds in Ward 7 of D.C. Additionally, Roberto has a MAT in Education from the Bernard School of Education (University of the Pacific), which helped him shape his classroom to be accessible to all students with different learning styles and prioritizes creativity through technological media. In addition to teaching, Roberto coaches the Academic Decathlon Team at Loyola High School of Los Angeles.

Nelson Miranda

Nelson has been teaching, coaching, and mentoring diverse groups of youths for 10 years, most recently at Chadwick School. He specializes in  High School history classes (World History, US History, Government, Economics) and works to empower students to exercise agency in their learning and emphasize critical thinking and writing skills. His goal is to connect the past to the present in order to help students understand where we have been and which way the world is moving. He holds a B.A. in History from St. Edward’s University and a M.A.T. from Bard College. When he isn’t teaching classes, he enjoys playing soccer, playing music in a band, and being a comic book nerd.

Hasani Sinclair

Hasani teaches high school history and government at Brentwood School, where he also serves as the Varsity cheerleading coach and advises the Black Students Alliance.  Over his thirteen years as a teacher, he has taught AP US Government, US Government and Economics, AP US History, US History, Ancient & Medieval World History, as well as a social justice elective which he designed.  Hasani has a degree in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania, a Masters in Secondary Education from Loyola Marymount University, and holds a California Single Subject Teaching Credential.  When he’s not teaching, — or watching Star Wars — he’s likely either in the gym or on an airplane; Hasani cheers for a competitive cheerleading team in Orange County, California, and loves to travel the world.