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We offer the best Language tutor; From French to Spanish, Latin to Mandarin, Hebrew, Greek and more in Los Angeles. Our classroom teachers with Masters and Doctoral degrees in their fields, have worked with countless students on learning the basics, mastering, and becoming fluent in their chosen fields.

What Foreign Language Tutoring Means to Us

No two students are the same, so our teachers are trained to differentiate approaches based on the family’s goal. For some students, this means thriving within a curriculum provided by a school. For others, it means learning the written components of languages spoken by family members. Some students want to learn the basics of a language before spending time abroad. No matter what the goal, our French, Spanish, and Chinese tutors have experience meeting each student where he or she is and making sure each student thrives.

Learning languages requires focus on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, culture, and so much more. Teachers Who Tutor’s LA tutors make this process fun, creating relationships with students so they look forward to their tutoring sessions as a step towards better understanding languages and the world.

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Vocabulary, Grammar, and Pronunciation

Our language tutors recognize the importance of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. We will cover foundational foreign language skills in reading, writing, and speaking. Learning a foreign language is critical for your child’s success in school and in the world. At Teachers Who Tutor LA, we are committed to helping your child master a foreign language with homework help, test prep, fluency, and more.

Is It Better to Have a Native Born Speaker of the Language, or a Second-Language-Learner as a Language Tutor?

We are often asked whether it is important that a Spanish tutor, for example, grew up in a Spanish speaking country. Our answer is that there are benefits to this type of teacher, especially if a student’s goal is to master a particular accent or comfort with wide-ranging idioms. That being said, American-born teachers of foreign languages have the benefit of coming to these languages in a similar manner to that of their students. All our tutors are fluent in both English and their language(s) of expertise.

Meet Our Foreign Language Tutors

Angie Nevarez

With over 30 years of teaching experience, Angie has taught every level of Spanish from 6th grade to college level courses at Emory University (Atlanta, GA) Duke University (Durham, NC), Pilgrim School (Los Angeles, CA), The Archer School for Girls (Brentwood, CA) and Chadwick School (Palos Verdes, CA). She has a BA and an MA in Spanish Literature and Anthropology from Emory University and a second Masters in Latin American Literature from Duke University. All her professional life has hinged around being completely bilingual, and she strives to convey to her students how many doors and world views being (at least) bilingual can open for them. Her main goal has been to ensure that all her students build a strong foundation in Spanish and develop a joyful love of the language that will make them life-long learners. She lives in Venice, CA, and enjoys practicing her French and playing the steel drum in her spare time.

Gina Diaz

Gina Díaz is a native Spanish speaker. She possesses many years of Spanish teaching experience at private schools and universities, and she has taught all levels of Spanish. Gina has a master’s degree in Spanish from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Comparative Literature from the University of Rochester. She has worked at Harvard Westlake, Brentwood School, Archer School for Girls, Vistamar School, and most recently in Marlborough School. She also did her student teaching for her credential at Mira Costa High School. In her free time, Gina enjoys traveling, visiting museums, reading, and raising her son.

Olivier Dalle

Olivier Dalle teaches French and Philosophy at the Buckley School. He started his teaching career in Cairo, Egypt where he taught French to middle and upper school students while also learning Arabic and developing a passion for the cultures and languages of the world. Olivier came to the US in the 2000s, worked in a non-profit for the arts in Washington, DC and went back to teaching when he moved to California, first in San Diego and then in Los Angeles. He worked in several junior colleges before joining Buckley in 2015. He teaches the advanced classes of French, AP, Honors, Cinema/Music and alternatively French 3, 2 or 1B. He started a class of Philosophy & Ethics three years ago that was immediately very successful, adapting the standard Philosophy course available in French high schools adding elements of Asian and African philosophies not taught there. Olivier also has a wide experience of private and small group tutoring in Egypt, France, Washington DC and California for French of all levels including Business French, Spanish and Philosophy.

Patrick Kochyan

Originally from Michigan, Patrick has been in education for ten years, and he has spent the majority of that time as a French teacher, advisor, and grade level dean at the Hewitt School in New York City after graduating from the NYU Institute of French Studies. He enjoys leading student trips to Quebec City, France, and other destinations, and he often advises clubs and works with youth leadership organizations such as Riley’s Way Foundation and the student leadership team at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. In 2021, he fulfilled a lifelong dream of moving to California and served as a global language department chair at Chadwick School in the greater Los Angeles area. Patrick is a student-centered educator who believes strongly in the French language and culture, spreading kindness, and building community.  In addition to his teaching, Patrick is a golfer, singer-songwriter and pianist.

Steve Stella

Steve is currently a French teacher at Chadwick School where he also serves as chair of the Global Language department. He teaches all levels of French from introductory to Advanced Placement. Prior to Chadwick, Steve taught French and Spanish for 10 years at Pacific Ridge School in Carlsbad, California. He received his B.A. in French from Cornell University, and a Masters degree in Romance Linguistics and C. Phil in French from U.C.L.A. In his free time, Steve enjoys playing competitive beach volleyball, learning world languages, sci-fi in all its forms and international travel.