Private Tutoring Services for K-12 Students

Teachers Who Tutor | LA is the leader in Los Angeles tutoring. We work exclusively with the very best classroom teachers from the most prestigious schools across the city.  Our individualized approach allows us to provide services tailored to each student in exactly the way he or she needs.  That means if you’re looking for tutoring a specific subject, for a standardized test, or for organization skills, we have the ideal match.  We offer similar flexibility when it comes to timing and location.  Whether in-person or remote, on weekdays or weekends, the best tutors in LA will be able to meet your logistical and pedagogical preferences. 

TWT teachers go through a vigorous process of background checks, sample lessons, references, recommendations, and conversation about how we believe children should be taught according to a combination of their personal needs and what the family would like to accomplish.  We believe in having students graduate out of tutoring as quickly as possible, so our goal is to make your child an autonomous, independent learner.

Tutoring and Academic Support

Students often come to us when they are feeling as though their classroom work is difficult or stressful. They reach out if they’re having difficulty understanding the content of a class, and parents aren’t sure how to help in effective ways. They seek support if classes are not providing enough challenges. Our team of LA teachers helps students build skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, and we believe that Los Angeles’s best teachers are the most qualified educators to do so.

Support for Specific Classes and Skills

Across all curriculum, from pre-K through 12th grade, our TWT team of Los Angeles’s best educators is ready to help your child succeed.

Math Tutoring

Our math tutors at TWT | LA are experienced math teachers with master’s degrees. They are excited to help students discover and demystify math. We offer math schoolwork and homework support, which is important from as early as kindergarten to calculus and other high school areas when the work becomes more theoretical—and often more difficult.

Science Tutoring

We offer extraordinary science tutoring children in middle school through grade 12. Our science teachers are experts in the material and in relating to children. Our LA-based tutors will help your children with the goal of taking the anxiety out of science learning through kind, professional tutoring.

English Tutoring

Our writing and reading tutors dedicate themselves to skills including decoding, comprehending, inferencing; and sentence, paragraph, and essay construction. Reading and writing are at the core of all learning, and our English teachers are the top in LA when it comes to helping students turn an idea into a finished essay.

History Tutoring

Our elite history teachers have years of experience dedicating their careers to Asian history, U.S. history, global, European, AP history, and every other time period and focus. Our tutors in history focus on the use of primary sources, DBQ’s (document-based-questions), and history writing.

Language Tutoring

At TWT | LA, we are proud to offer support in all the romance languages, as well as Latin, Greek, and Chinese. Our teachers focus on fluency, comprehension, and grammar of world languages. Our students end up more confident in writing in French, reading in Spanish, and speaking Mandarin.

Emergent reading and math tutoring

It takes a real expert to tutor a child who needs support with a reading tutoring or early math tutoring. Our Los Angeles teachers are experts in their fields, having stewarded hundreds of students like your son or daughter. Using manipulatives, number lines, phonics, and site words, our top teachers know how to build skills and confidence in all young learners.

Elementary School Tutoring

Our tutors who work with students in grades 1-5 are experts in what benchmarks should be reached by what age ranges. We know how to assess students and then create curricula in order to build skills and confidence. A first grader obviously needs a different type of support than a fourth or fifth grader, and our kind hearted and brilliant tutors know how to help students in every subject, how to build executive function skills, and how to prepare students for test-taking.

Executive Function Tutorin

When it comes to executive function skills, our founders Abby Freireich and Brian Platzer literally wrote the book.  Executive function means organization, both in terms of physical space and in terms of planning, organization, and a general control over workload.  We have the number one tutors in LA when it comes to modeling best practices and imparting these skills.

Middle School Tutoring

Grades five through eight tend to be when school stresses begin to feel real for all students.  Taking multiple classes taught by multiple teachers; studying for academic and standardized tests; balancing homework with social and athletic obligations: Teachers Who Tutor | LA ’s middle school teachers will support your child in all facets of the middle school experience.

Test Prep

We offer support for high school entrance exams such as the SSAT and ISEE; and college entrance exams such as the SAT, the ACT, and AP’s.  Our test prep tutors are the most qualified, experienced tutors in LA when it comes to mastering the material and achieving the best possible results.

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