Q & A’s about our Tutoring Service & Tutors

How are tutors chosen?

All of the tutors that are part of TWT | LA are gifted teachers at independent schools, public schools, or charter schools across the city. Our tutors have all obtained a master’s degree in education and/or in their specialized content area. The teachers on our team go through a comprehensive process to ensure we have the very best tutors. They teach a sample lesson, are extensively interviewed, and undergo a reference and background check. We are committed to choosing only extraordinary teachers whose expertise, dedication, and ability to engage students meet the highest of standards.

How do you find the best tutor for each student?

We first consult with you before determining which tutor would be best for your child. This collaboration ensures that we have a sense of your child’s academic challenges and how they learn best. This initial consultation is free of charge.

How long are most tutoring sessions?

Usually, tutoring sessions are an hour long. However, younger students can benefit from shorter sessions that are approximately 45 minutes, while older students sometimes need longer sessions that are a couple of hours long to tackle more complex material. Based on age and content, we work with each family to figure out the ideal session length to accommodate every student’s individual learning profile.

What kinds of services are provided for TWT parents?

Teachers Who Tutor LA partners with parents by providing these services:

1. An individualized method of learning objectives designed to ensure that each child succeeds. By collaborating with parents as well as the teachers and learning specialists at your child’s school, our tutors are able to gain insight both into how every child learns best as well as the specific curricular demands of their school.

2. Progress reports will be sent to parents on a weekly basis to explain the work covered, the areas in which your child both struggled and succeeded, as well as concrete future steps to help each child achieve their goals. These weekly reports can also be shared with your child’s teachers, if you wish.

3. Consistent collaboration with both parents and classroom teachers. The tutors at TWT | LA understand the importance of partnering with a child’s teacher at schools so that every session is designed to help children achieve the benchmarks established by the curriculum of their school.

4. Engaged partnership with outstanding teachers who have extensive experience supporting a diverse range of learners.  We offer support and enrichment across academic subjects for all ages, K-12, and have expert coaches available to help students strengthen their executive function skills. as well as test prep for standardized tests including the ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, SAT and ACT, among others.

What are your tutoring fees?

The rate for tutors varies depending on a student’s age. To get more information, reach out to the TWT | LA team here.

When will I be billed for sessions? Do I need to sign up for a package?

An invoice will be emailed to you at the beginning of each month for the sessions that took place the previous month.  You do not need to commit to a certain number of sessions in advance, as we understand the unpredictable, ever-changing nature of a student’s needs. We are committed to ensuring that your child has as many sessions as you think optimal for their learning success.

Do you impose fees in addition to the hourly rate?

No, there are no additional charges.

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Kindly send us a resume and a cover letter detailing your experience with classroom teaching experience and tutoring.  Use the link below to get started!