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Science curriculum in high school can be extremely complex and challenging. Some students find it daunting to understand the concepts that are presented or need help tackling specific problems. Whether balancing a chemical equation or examining the difference between mitosis and meiosis, our science teachers are here to help. The team of science educators at Teachers Who Tutor LA is highly knowledgeable about all areas of science.

At Teachers Who Tutor | LA, our science tutors are professional classroom teachers themselves. We ensure that your child has support from the tutor who can best help them meet their goals academically. Moreover, you will be sent progress reports on a weekly basis to keep you apprised of your child’s current work and future goals.

In Which Subjects Do Our Science Teachers Offer Support?

Our science home tutors tutor every content specialty across grades, from lab courses to AP classes to test–prep.  Among other ares, our science tutors offer expertise in:

  • AP Biology and Bio
  • AP Chemistry and Chemistry
  • AP Computer Science and Computer Science
  • AP Physics and Physics
  • AP Environmental Science and Environmental Science 
  • Earth Science
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Science Enrichment

Our science tutors are dedicated to working with your child to progress both in and out of the classroom. Using proven methods, we help students develop understanding of the material, and in turn become more confident as they tackle difficult content. Our tutors always ensure that students are employing crucial executive function skills to help them break down complex tasks and meet with success no matter the challenge.

Meet Our Science Tutors

Megan Rutherford

Megan is currently a teacher of AP Environmental Science and Chemistry at a private school in South Orange County. She has been teaching both of these subjects for the last seven years in addition to biology and earth science. She completed both her chemistry and biology undergraduate degrees at CSU Chico. She is an avid camper and runner who enjoys overlanding for weeks at a time with her husband and dog. She is passionate about science education and helping students to find joy in discovery as they engage with the wonderful world of science.

Salpie Sekayan

Salpie has been a Math and Science teacher for more than 10 years and currently teaches at the Archer School for Girls.  Teaching is one of Salpie’s greatest joys, and she specializes in Math, Chemistry, and Physics.  Through teaching, Salpie can see the joy of knowledge and understanding, helping her students get over the problems every day, and often in new ways. Nothing is more rewarding to Salpie than that moment when her students finally grasp the concepts and run into new conclusions and applications. Being born and raised in the Middle East, Salpie is trilingual in English, Arabic, and Armenian.  She is a supportive, encouraging, patient, and highly organized person, with the ability to put people at ease.  Salpie always does her best to adjust to each of her student’s needs and capacities, bringing active lesson plans with suitable educational methods, and creating a positive and productive learning environment.

Todd Haney

Todd is a science instructor at Sage Hill School, an independent high school in Newport Coast, California.  His current menu consists of AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, and Human Anatomy and Physiology, though he has taught a variety of courses in the life and earth sciences since joining the school in 2005.  Todd earned his undergraduate degree in zoology from Northern Arizona University, a master’s degree in marine science from the University of Charleston, South Carolina, and his doctorate in evolutionary biology and ecology from UCLA.  He enjoys being outside and travels as much as possible, both with family and when leading student groups.